The icepack is a leading product for temperature controlled transport in a box. The flexible gel ice is a great alternative to dry ice or crushed ice. It keeps fresh fish fresher whilst in transit. At the point of destination, your fish looks perfect, no browning of gills, no frost damage, no markings, no melted water.

It is a durable product. Shipped in dry form, one box weighs 13kg. Putting into water and a freezer on location activates the icepack. One box of the icepack sheets turns into 500kg of gel ice. It has the same cooling capacity as 700kg of crushed ice. the icepacks save on both transportation and storage costs. Changes in airfreight regulations demand cooling alternatives.

The icepacks are a proven alternative. No drip water. When thawing, water evaporates directly or is bound to the gel. 800 grams of icepack equals 1,2kg of crushed ice in both cooling time and capacity. Saving 30% on weight, without compromising on cooling capacity.

The icepacks are reusable. It is enviromentally safe and consists of EC/FDA food approved quality components. The product is manufactured according to the latest EC food packaging regulations.

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